General sales condition
This price-list shall remain in force until the publication of the new one. The parties shall agree in writing upon the terms of sale not provided for hereby.
The seller shall be permited to make modifications to the tools produced, when, according to his own opininion, these could improve the quality of the products.
The purchase price is strictly related to the market situation at the moment of this price-list formation.
Therefore, the eventual cost variation of raw materials, manwork and of these elements affetting the final cost shall ollow the seller to proportionally modific the purchase price even after this price-list has already come into force.
All the products are guaranteed for quality of manufacture. The seller shall replace only the products that have been knowledged by the producer himself as showing defects in workmanship or materials.
The merchandise to be replaced shall be shipped with no cost to producer The replaciement of the flaved products is free of charge for the purchase, but this shall not entitle anyone to a compensation for damages. The shall not be liable for alterations, executed without his permissions, for failure or breakdown caused by maIpractice misure inproper sharpenning and for modifications in use or speed not expressly provided in the manual of instructions.
To be taken into any consideration, clains shall be notified at the sellers address within 8 days from the delivery of the merchandise. Normal packaging cost is included.
Special packaging cost is not included for orders up to 258,23. Any packaging cost is included for orders above 258,23. Payments shall be carried out at the seller office the provision of payment with promissory notes shall not waive the ricth of payment of the sellers domicile. The ItaIian judcial autority is competent to regulate and implement these terms of sale in accordance with the substantial law of Italy.
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